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NP3 High Hosts First Diversity Week

By Jack Fedor
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

Students watch the Nov. 16 rally.

NP3 High students participated in a rally on Nov. 16 which marked the middle of Diversity Week.

Diversity Week has offered students opportunities to showcase their own cultures and then to learn about other cultures.

At the first NP3 High rally since January of 2020, students competed against teachers in a series of three games to be allowed to wear pajamas the week of Nov. 28.

Students were able to claim victory by a final score of two to one claiming victories in the first and third game. Teachers were able to claim victory in the second game. An additional game and a possible tiebreaker were cut as a result of time constraints.

Two performances also took place at the rally with Sikh Honors and Service Society performing a Bhangra and Gidda dance. Latinos Unidos also had some cultural music played and invited students to dance.

This rally took the place of the Seasons of Giving rally as Student Government would like to have donation drives be more senior focused to give seniors more opportunities to use that action as part of their senior projects.

Students and teachers participate in one of the rally games on Nov.16.

Early in the week on Nov. 14 cultural music was played at lunch, while students in advisories wrote on a piece of paper what cultures they belonged to which were then featured on a word cloud.

Students also on that day were encouraged to wear the color of the flag which represented their culture the most.

On Nov. 15 Sikh Honors and Service Society and Latinos Unidos sold cultural foods at lunch.

Latinos Unidos sold conchitas, atole and tamales, while Sikh Honors and Service Society sold samosas which sold out within the first ten minutes of lunch.

Students on Nov. 15 had the option to go to a tutorial to write out words in different languages which would be used as decorations for the rally.

On Nov. 17 Asian American Pacific Islander club sold chicken and turkey lumpia as well as ube cookies and cassava cake. UNICEF sold Turkish coffee for relief funds in the Middle East. Sikh Honors and Service Society once again sold samosas on this day.

Asian American Pacific Islander club sold a variety of foods.

On Nov. 18 students were encouraged to wear their cultural clothing to school and to showcase it on the quad. UNICEF also sold Turkish coffee once again on this day.

UNICEF made around 50 dollars from their sales while Sikh Honors and Service Society made around 200 dollars from their sales.

This shift towards showcasing cultures during a rally week was part of Student Government’s plan to dedicate a week to cultures as a multicultural dress day has been absent from previous spirit days this school year.

The K-12 Multicultural Festival is still planned to take place on March 3, which will include cultural food sales and performances, but more information will be available as the event gets closer.

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