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NP3 Dancers Prepare For Upcoming Competitions

By Krista Chouang
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

NP3 High’s Dance team has returned to in-person practice in preparation for live performances and competitions.

The 2022 competition season starts later this month on Jan. 29, moves on to regionals on Feb. 5 and state competitions on Feb. 12, and ends with performances at nationals on March 24 in Anaheim.

NP3 Dance team performing during lunch on the first Friday of November

“I’m feeling nervous, yet excited,” said senior and co-captain Katelynn Tran. “I remember last competitions and they were the best memories I’ve made. The bonds and friendships with others on the team is something I’ll always cherish. I believe the team is ready, but competition is a completely unique experience.”

During the pandemic, The Pacific Times interviewed the 2019-20 dancers about practicing online. Many of the dancers expressed dissatisfaction with practicing online since it was only mandatory once a week, which is far less than how much they practiced before distance learning. Dancers said they were also disappointed about not being unable to connect with new members. Videos of the individual members dancing at home were posted on their Instagram account, @np3dancedrillteam, to replace in-person performances.

However, since NP3 returned to in-person learning in August 2021, the team has been able to hold practices in the gym three days a week. Members who joined the team during the pandemic said they prefer in-person practices over online practices.

“Being in person has allowed us to get better critiques from the coaches, which can be scary at times, but it also helps us improve our skills a lot more than over zoom,” said sophomore Stephanie Labang, who has been on the team for two years.

Sophomore Kayli Sun, who has been on the team for two years, said she’s made progress since online practices, “It took a lot of practice but I’ve been able to do headstands really well lately, so I’m proud of that.”

The team is led by founder and teacher Laura Sieglitz, coaches Hanna Bachylo and Kendra Johns, assistant coaches Ardale Arizabal, Justine Arizabal, Gabe Granados, and Dakota Sieglitz. This year’s co-captains are Alexandra Lozano, Antoinette Granados, Jayden Chan, Katelyn Dumag, Katelynn Tran, and Leo Suan.

“Being a co-captain is honoring (sic),” said Tran. “I’ve worked so hard to be where I’m at now starting with no dance experience which is why I’m so proud of myself.”

During the 2020-21 school year, dancers were not able to perform in person. Since team auditions were last held in May 2021, nine new members have joined the team and have performed several times during the fall term at NP3 High School, including at the freshman and sophomore orientation and first Fridays.

“Seeing your hard work finally pay off on the stage always feels good,” said sophomore Pahel Tandel, who’s performing on the team for the first year.

“It’s definitely a lot of work,” added Labang. “But once you’re out there and you get to perform and you know that you did well, it’s a really good feeling.”

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