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Archives for February 2019

NP3’s Cyber Patriot Club Season has Ended

By Kimberly Chouang Staff Writer | The Pacific Times The NP3 High School Cyber Patriot Club’s competitive season recently wrapped up with the club barely missing a qualifying spot in the … [Read more...]

College Fair and Academic Advising Night Approaching Fast

By Zara Afridi Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Are you pirates and parents ready to learn more about college and the opportunities they have to offer? NP3 High School’s annual College Fair and … [Read more...]

Student Voice: More Schools Should Follow in NP3 High’s Footsteps

By Isabel Penman Co-Editor | The Pacific Times Memorizing the Bill of Rights and our guaranteed civil liberties, learning about the tumultuous history of the fight for American civil rights, … [Read more...]

Student Voice: Honoring Korematsu’s Quest for Social Justice

Jakob Franco Co-Editor | The Pacific Times Fred Korematsu took on the might of the U.S. government during a time of war and lost. In his loss, the worst of American xenophobia showed through and … [Read more...]

NP3 Students Encouraged to Enter Crocker Art Contest

By Kimberly Chouang Staff Writer | The Pacific Times NP3 High School students have been encouraged to enter the local Crocker Art Museum High School Self-Portrait Show. “You can show your art … [Read more...]

NP3 High Schoolers Tutor Elementary Students

By Maisha Mostafa Staff Writer | The Pacific Times In the cafeteria of Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep Elementary, high school students walk through the front door to meet their little buddies. The … [Read more...]

NP3 Gamenite A Smash (Brothers) Success!

By Kimberly Chouang Staff Writer | The Pacific Times NP3 High’s annual Gamenite was on Feb. 8 in NP3’s gym and select classrooms from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Activities ranging from card games to … [Read more...]